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The Grundy County PHA - Housing Choice Voucher Program is assisting many elderly, handicapped, disabled, and families of low income to obtain housing they can afford. The Program utilizes existing rental housing that is in decent, safe, and in a sanitary condition and passes our inspection.

Who is Eligible

Eligible households are those whose incomes fall within HUD established guidelines as determined by the size of the family. Single elderly (62 or over), handicapped of any age or disabled of any age qualify if they meet the income guideline. All other participants may be single or a family unit. Families eligible by income do not have to move if they are presently renting homes which meet the Housing Quality Standards and the rent limits set by HUD. They may participate in the Program, stay in the same house and pay less rent if their landlords are willing to participate.

How to Apply

All appointments are scheduled at our central Trenton office. To schedule your appointment, please call 660-359-3907 or 855-290-8544 option 5

What You Will Need

  • Social Security card(s) for all household members
  • Official Birth Certificate(s) for all household members
  • Proof of income and wages (3 consecutive pay stubs or print out from employer)
  • Social Security award letters
  • Child support documentation (either case ID # o print out of court documents)
  • TANF from Family Service Divisions
  • Checking and savings (3 months recent statements)

  • If you own real estate, the property appraisal and any mortgage documentation
  • If disabled/handicapped or elderly, a pharmacy print out of co-pays for last 12 months

Click here to view income limits for this program.

Admission to Program

Persons evicted from Public Housing, Indian Housing, Section 23, or any Section 8 Program because of drug-related criminal activity are ineligible for admission to Public Housing and Section 8 Programs as described in 24 CFR 982.552.

Grundy County PHA will deny admission to applicants with the following criminal records or that have committed the mentioned offenses within the last three (3) years from the date of the application:

  • Persons currently involved in illegal drug related criminal activity, alcohol abuse, violent criminal activity, or fraud.

  • Persons charged or convicted for producing, using or in possession of methamphetamines.

  • Sex offenders who are required to regularly register with law enforcement.

  • Persons who GCPHA determines it has reasonable cause to believe may pose a safety threat or interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents or neighbors because of drugs, alcohol or violence.

  • Persons evicted from assisted housing for violence, alcohol or drug – related criminal activity involving the illegal manufacture, sale, distribution or possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, distribute a controlled substance.

Program Function

Families who are paying more than 30% of their income for rent and utilities normally will be required to pay no more than 30%, but must pay at least $25.00 each month.

Property Owner Participation

Any owner of modestly priced, standard rental housing can participate. The owner must be able to rent the property within the HUD established Fair Market Rent for this area. Fair Market Rents are based on comparable rents for all the nine counties in the Green Hills Area. The rent and utility costs together cannot exceed these limits. The Fair Market Rent includes the utility allowance approved by HUD for a particular type of structure in this area. The housing approved for the Program must meet the Housing Quality Standards set out in the HUD regulations. The owner and tenant must have a lease agreement for one year. A security deposit may be required by the owner. The owner is responsible for screening applicants and completely manages the property. The rental property is inspected annually for compliance with the quality standards. Property rents are reviewed annually for possible adjustments.

Code of Federal Regulations PHA Disapproval of Owner

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